Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Our School

Saint Elizabeth Elementary School bells have been ringing in new school years since September, 1943, when three Sisters of Mercy staffed the three classrooms that comprised Saint Elizabeth School.  In 1948, the school was expanded to 12 classrooms and three years later, an addition was needed to provide for the education of the growing enrollment of 703 taught by 19 Sisters of Mercy.

The school enrollment continued to grow and serve not only Saint Elizabeth Parish children but also children from other parishes without schools and families from public school districts who chose Catholic education.  In 1983, the needs of families were met by the opening of kindergarten, and in 1987 a preschool program for 4-year olds opened and within two years expanded to 3-year olds.  The present 4-year preschool is now providing an all-day program.

Until 1997, the Sisters of Mercy served as teachers and principals at Saint Elizabeth Elementary School with an increasing number of lay teachers.  The last two Sisters of Mercy left Saint Elizabeth Elementary School in 1997. The task of carrying on the Catholic identity and academic excellence begun and nurtured by the Sisters of Mercy for 54 years became the task of an all lay faculty and leadership.

Over the years, Saint Elizabeth Elementary School has strived to meet the challenges of the ever- changing needs of the community it serves, but has always kept the vision of Catholic education in the forefront of planning.  A strong tradition of faith and academic excellence have always been, and remain, hallmarks of Saint Elizabeth Elementary School.

At St. Elizabeth Elementary School, learning is a priority. So that all students may fully experience that environment of learning, it is expected that each student will: 

  • Live the Mission and Belief statements of St. Elizabeth.
  • Respect and obey all teachers, staff, and volunteers.
  • Respect the school property and not deface it in any way.
  • Refrain from use of foul language.
  • Be responsible for protecting the rights of others.
  • Observe the All School Code of Behavior.
  • Use only the materials assigned to him/her.
  • Do all assigned class work and homework on time.
  • Accept responsibility for his/her actions.
  • Make proper use of all school facilities.
  • Use only the materials assigned to him/her.